Typhoon Haiyan

The Federal Association supported Malteser International Relief efforts with an emergency grant of over $40,000

Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines with incredible force on November 8, 2013 leaving behind a trail of destruction. Three months after the storm, the majority of survivors in the disaster region continue to live in tents and makeshift shelters.
The strongest storm on record to ever make landfall, Haiyan affected more than 14 million people in the Visayas region. Four million lost their homes, and more than 6,000 lost their lives. The provinces Leyte, Samar, Cebu and Palawan, which were on the direct path of the storm, suffered extensive damages. In many towns and villages, more than 95 percent of the houses were destroyed.

Here's how Malteser International has helped so far:

Provided emergency relief for 19,500 people after the typhoon
3,000 household and hygiene kits distributed in Samar and Bantayan
Food packages kept 2,500 families in four villages fed for six weeks

  • 42 large-capacity tents were set up as temporary classrooms and community meeting places
  • A water treatment unit has provided 700 people with 3,360 gallons of clean drinking water every day
  • 2,473 children received school supplies such as schoolbags, notebooks, and pencils
  • 250 families in Bohol Island received vouchers for construction materials and water canisters
  • 395 families were given agricultural equipment and seeds for large-scale rice cultivation as well as home gardening
  • 60 people were equipped with tools to clear rubble and debris from the villages.

Now, Malteser International is focusing on the long road to sustainable recovery. With support from their engineers and technicians, 1,200 homes will be rebuilt to withstand future typhoons. So that families have a source of income once again, they will help them start small businesses and set up funds for microloans at the community level. And they will help reestablish the drinking water supply as well as restore and improve sanitation in the villages we’ve worked in.

With your help, they’ve been able to reach even more people in need of relief, helping to alleviate their suffering and restoring their health and dignity. Check out the full update

New Orleans

Rebuilding After Hurricane Katrina

The New Orleans Home Repair Program serves low-income elderly and disabled homeowners living in damaged or substandard housing. It improves their lives and enables them to remain in their homes. For volunteers, it combines worship, fellowship, and hands-on service to the poor.

The program was established in 2006 after Hurricane Katrina. Since then, the Order and its partner, Rebuilding Together, a local non-profit, have repaired 55 homes. In nine years, more than 1,000 Order of Malta volunteers from the Order's three U.S. associations and the Canadian Association —knights, dames, chaplains, auxiliary, family, and friends—have served in the program. Together they have donated a total of over 50,000 hours of service. It is truly a work of the Order.

In fact, we consider it our “domestic pilgrimage,” with many volunteers attending daily Mass, and the Wednesday childrens’ Mass at St. Peter Claver Church.


Earthquake Rebuilding

In 2010, over $200,000 in grants were distributed to five Haitian-based charities by the Federal Association as part of its Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts. The Association raised over $258,000 from our members and friends and our contributions helped to provide emergency supplies and a prosthetic clinic to Crudem and Hopital Sacre Coeur; to the Sisters of Charity and Matthew 25 House in Port Au Prince and to Homes from the Heart for building new houses.