Advice and Aid Pregnancy Problem Center

Hapeville, GA

Advice and Aid Pregnancy Problem Center is a non-profit Crisis Pregnancy Center serving Abortion-vulnerable women in the Atlanta metropolitan area from a Catholic/Christian perspective. The Center offers various educational classes for our clients such as a Learn and Earn Program, Classes for our Clients in Chastity and Abstinence, Breastfeeding, Budgeting and Parenting. Alternatives to Abortion and Post-Abortion Counseling referrals are offered to individual clients and their families. They work with a 24 hour Crisis Hotline Service which schedules appointments and offers free pregnancy tests. The Center also maintains a Maternity Closet and Baby Supply Room for clients to shop after they have earned “Baby Bucks”. Approximately 40 new clients are served each month, with 50% of clients returning to take part in educational classes.

Autism Society Angel Program

Memphis, TN

The ANGEL (Autism Intervention and Guidance for Early Learners), a program of Holy Rosary Catholic Church, was started in 2010 by the Diocese of Memphis to fulfill a need to provide therapy for children with autism, and is the only program in the area treating children ages 3-7 and operates year round.

Catholic Medical Mission Board


Rooted in the healing ministry of Jesus, Catholic Medical Mission Board celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2012. In the last decade CMMB has provided more than $2 billion in support to millions of those in need in more than 120 countries through its HIV/AIDS, child survival, tropical diseases, donated medicines and volunteer programs.

With support from the Order of Malta, CMMB implemented a Diabetes prevention program in Honduras. CMMB worked with health professionals as well as patients to prevent and manage care for clients. 685 people from the community were provided with diabetes prevention education and 208 health workers were trained in methods for diabetes management.

Duchesne Clinic

Leavenworth, KS

Saint Vincent and Duchesne Clinics are doctors' offices for the uninsured poor, bringing health and hope by providing quality medical care with dignity and respect. Founded by the Sisters of Charity over twenty-five years ago, Saint Vincent and Duchesne Clinics provide primary medical care, chronic disease management, prevention, education and care coordination. This past year, each day 71 of the clinics' 2,899 patients received care. The grant money helped to convert to an Electronic Medical Records system which means better care for patients and better ways to track the impact of care. Every $1 donated provided $3 worth of medical care for the poor and underinsured

Holy Angels

Charlotte, NC

Holy Angels is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation and sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Mercy South Central Community.  Holy Angels serves 101 individuals, ages 8 months to 72 years, all whom have varying degrees of intellectual developmental disabilities and physical disabilities, such as respiratory disorders, cerebral palsy, cortical blindness and traumatic brain injuries. Many are considered “medically fragile” requiring 24-hour nursing care in the Holy Angels’ Morrow Center.

Upon receipt of the grant, Holy Angels sent a letter showing their gratitude: “On behalf of the residents, staff and families of Holy Angels, please accept our deepest appreciation for awarding [us] a grant of $25,000 to be used to upgrade, remodel and refurbish three bathing areas at our Morrow Center and two bathing rooms. We are indeed humbled and honored by your grant.”

Holy Family Hospital


Guided by the beliefs and morals, traditions of the Catholic Church, The Holy Family Hospital is dedicated to providing quality care for women and infants, without regard to religion or national origins and committed to continuing education as a means of ensuring quality patient care for the Poor and Sick. Since 2010 the Federal Association has sponsored the hospital's mobile outreach clinic.

Hopital Sacre Couer


The CRUDEM Foundation, working with members of the Montgomery County region of the Order of Malta, financially sustains the work of the largest non-government hospital in northern Haiti, Hopital Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart Hospital). Their newly equipped pathology department, one of few in the entire country, has been funded by a grant from the Federal Association.

Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach

Springfield, IL(HQ) - Congo, Jamaica, Egypt

The Sisters serve the sick and the poor with a medical supply and equipment recovery program (recover, repackage and distribute life-saving medical supplies and equipment to the poorest countries worldwide)

International Eye Foundation


International Eye Foundation (IEF) has been fighting blind diseases for over 50 years. They focus on sustainability planning to build capacity of existing eye hospitals to improve quality and efficiency, reduce costs, build revenue generating services, and create choices for patients at all economic levels to access and afford services. Since 1999, IEF has assisted 29 eye hospitals in 17 countries to build and grow services. This grant money was used to complete the Operating Theater at Clinica Oftalmologica, a new social enterprise eye clinic in Managua, Nicaragua. It will also help the support team in training for sustainability planning for the Nicaragua clinic, and support development of the outreach program to screen people in poor rural and peri-urban communities, nursing homes, and schools.

L'Arche Greater Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC

L'Arche Greater Washington, D.C. is an interdenominational Christian community of people with and without intellectual disabilities who share their lives together. Since its inception in 1983, L'Arche Greater Washington, D.C. has provided adults who have intellectual disabilities with permanent homes, individualized support services, and opportunities for inclusion in society. Today, a total of 16 core people live in four L'Arche homes in two Adams Morgan and two in Arlington, along with assistants who provide support and friendship.  Our grant in 2015 of $25,000 helped to build capacity to provide daytime services for their clients.

Malta House of Care

Hartford, CT

Their mission is to provide free primary health care to the uninsured. They deliver that health care through operation of a mobile care vehicle that has a fixed schedule in four distinct neighborhoods across the City of Hartford. Coupled with coordinated communication efforts at schools, homeless shelters, parishes and churches, community outreach and ready access to those who are most in need is assured.

The Malta House of Care Mobile Medical Clinic has been key in responding to the plight of the uninsured in the Greater Hartford CT region for the past five years. Through a dedicated cadre of physician, nurse and non-medical volunteers, the Malta House of Care Mobile Medical Clinic has provided over 24,800 patient visits over that time period with 2,200 individuals identifying Malta House of Care as their only medical home.

Malta Medical Mission to Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua

Every year, members of the New Orleans region travel to the city of Granada to treat its impoverished sick. The group of 20 doctors, nurses, dentists, and volunteers treats 1,200 to 2,000 patients over the course of a week-long visit. While the volunteers pay for their own travel, food, and lodging, the Federal Association's Grants program covers the cost of the medicine, surgical supplies, and other costs involved in the treatment of the sick and the poor.

Medicines for Humanity

Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti

The primary goal of Medicines for Humanity (MFH) is to reduce child mortality in impoverished communities around the world. To accomplish this goal, we work to increase the number of vulnerable children and mothers that receive: maternal and child healthcare including pre-natal, birthing, and post-natal services and essential medicines, ongoing assistance from trained and motivated community health workers (CHWs), nutrition services and education, clean water and sanitation. The Federal Association is providing access to medicines to over 440,000 people.

Mercy Health Clinic

Gaithersburg, MD

Mercy Health Clinic (MHC) is a non sectarian, not-forprofit, community health care provider. The clinic serves uninsured, low-income adult residents of Montgomery County, Maryland and is committed to providing high quality medical care, educational support and pharmaceuticals to eligible patients.

Order of Malta Center of Care

Columbus, OH

The Order of Malta Center of Care is the new signature work of the Columbus Region of the Federal Association. Its projects will be carried out entirely by the members of the Columbus Region and associated volunteers. The center currently operates a free clinic to serve the sick and the poor in Central Ohio, and will eventually include dental checkups, healthcare fairs, and grooming services as well. Equipment provided by the Federal Association Grants Program has made its medical screenings possible.

Potomac Community Resources

Potomac, MD

Potomac Community Resources, Inc. (PCR) received $20,000 from the Federal Association to support its innovative, award-winning Tricia Sullivan Respite Care Programs, which provide a life-changing service for Montgomery County residents with profound disabilities and complex medical needs, and their families. 

Participants are at an increased risk for medical emergencies such as seizures, and require assistance with every activity of daily living like eating, dressing and toileting. Many participants require feeding tubes, adaptations and specialized equipment. PCR maintains the highest standards of excellence and safety within each of our programs. The need for quality respite care is critical, and PCR is extremely grateful to the Order of Malta for generously supporting these programs.

For individuals with profound disabilities, respite care is a key determining factor in preventing institutionalization. The Tricia Sullivan Respite Care Programs are unique in Montgomery County as they: (1) provide parents with a vital break from care-giving; (2) provide participants with needed therapeutic interventions and care in a safe setting, and (3) bring together Montgomery County residents of differing abilities through the use of volunteers, thereby enriching our community as a whole. A brief video about these programs can be viewed at http://vimeo.com/34977773.

Providence Hospital

Washington, DC

Chartered by President Abraham Lincoln in 1861, Providence Hospital is the longest continuously operating hospital in the Nation's Capital. Our strengths in medicine, surgery, and diagnostics blend with our values and commitment to human dignity to provide healthcare you can have faith in. Providence is part of Ascension Health, the nation's largest Catholic and nonprofit health system, setting the standard for quality, holistic care and access. The Federal Association purchased devices for the Low Vision/Low Hearing Assistance Program.

Rosaria Communities

Rockville, MD

Rosaria Communities fosters the construction or renovation of houses to provide independent living opportunities for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. Rosaria homes assure an environment of comfort and care in which the spiritual needs of our residents are supported by an involved Catholic community. Rosaria homes provide direct and meaningful support for a population of low-income young adults with intellectual and physical disabilities by creating a family-like environment within a loving and supportive Catholic community..

Shepherd's Clinic

Baltimore, MD

The mission of Shepherd’s Clinic is to provide quality health care for Baltimore’s uninsured. The Order of Malta grant was used for the purchase of much needed medical supplies, equipment and streamlining/maintaining their security system. An example of those supplies is they were able to purchase a year’s supply of glucose test strips, allowing patients to self-monitor their blood sugars without incurring the prohibitively high expense. Additionally, they purchased flex pens for the administration of insulin, which is particularly important for patients with sight impairment or nerve damage which are frequent complications of severe diabetes.

Spanish Catholic Center

Washington, DC

The need for the Spanish Catholic Center has never been greater. Offering medical and dental clinics, job training programs, English classes, a food pantry and case management services in four locations, the Center offers holistic services to immigrants from around the world. The multicultural staff of the Center speak more than eight different languages and have experience working with individuals from more than 72 different cultural contexts.

St. Agnes Hospital Foundation

Baltimore, MD

For over 150 years the Daughters of Charity and the physicians of Saint Agnes Hospital have delivered exceptional care to generations of Marylanders.

Devoted to healthcare that leaves no one behind, Saint Agnes provides $10-$15 million in charity care and community benefits each year. It manages more than 235,000 patient visits annually. In addition, the Saint Agnes Foundation awards community grants including those that support terminally ill patients, homeless adults and educational and crisis needs of associates and patients

St. Luke's Institute

Silver Spring, MD

Saint Luke is a Catholic education and treatment center for clergy and religious men and women. The treatment programs serve those who are sick and need the Institute's specialized care, but cannot afford the cost.

St. Vincent Foundation

Jacksonville, FL

Provides in-patient care for men and women who are poor and disabled and elderly with functional limitations or chronic health conditions with special facilities for suffers from Alzheimers and dementia.

Upcounty Community Resources

Germantown, MD

UCR offers innovative programs, events, and social opportunities for the members of our community with developmental differences. These opportunities promote healthy lifestyles, friendships, self-awareness, and personal-development.  Our 2015 $20,000 grant implemented three new programs including interactive music therapy, storytelling for communication, and life skills.

UPMC Mercy Hospital

Pittsburgh, PA

UPMC, a tertiary care facility, is the only Catholic hospital in the greater Pittsburgh (tri-state region). It has retained its Catholic identity and its Catholic mission both in documentation and its practice. It provides a significant amount ($60 million) of charitable and unreimbursed care in the community in its service to the poor and the uninsured. Its specialized service include level I trauma and burn services,the neurosciences, rehabilitation and women's service plus a number of others.

Walter Reed - Wounded Warrior Program

Bethesda, MD

The Walter Reed National Medical Center Wounded Warrior Program is where the nation heals its Heroes. They are committed to partnering with patients and their family members to create evidence-based world-class health care while providing a warm family friendly atmosphere. Expert, excellent, exceptional care is the expectation. The Federal Association has supported their luncheon program.

Woman's Care Center

Peoria, IL

Women's Care Center (WCC) is a Catholic nonprofit organization that ministers to women facing unplanned pregnancies, by equipping them with the information and services needed to choose life for their unborn baby. Located next to an abortion clinic, WCC offers women free, confidential walk-in services including ultrasounds and couseling, to prevent them from following through on plans to abort their baby. Over 95% of abortion-minded women who receive WCC services chose life for their babies. Since opening in May of 2013, WCC has served over 160 women. Clients who are still undecided are offered free weekly ultrasounds and couseling.
This grant was able to provide mothers who chose life with the basic items every baby will need like car seats, cribs, and crib mattresses.

Woman's New Life Center

Metairie, LA

At Woman’s New Life Center they ensure every woman has trustworthy and compassionate help when faced with the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy. They maintain a resource center where you can learn about your options from professional counselors, and make truly empowered choices. They offer you medical and material assistance, both before and after pregnancy, and ongoing support. Because everyone should have access to key basic services, they provide them free of charge.