Becoming a member of the Order of Malta is a great honor and with it comes a significant responsibility. The admissions and formation process is thorough and can take 18-24 months. It is very important that every applicant is well qualified and carefully reviewed by the Admissions Committee. If initially approved, the Formation Committee will help the candidate learn more about the Order and become engaged with the members and the works of the Order in his or her region.


• The applicant is a lay man or woman (at least 25 years old) who is an active and practicing Catholic in good standing and supports the teachings of the Catholic Church on all matters of faith and morals.
• The applicant has a record of service to the Catholic Church and to Catholic-related causes by lending professional expertise and “hands-on” volunteer service to the poor.
• The applicant has achieved a degree of distinction in his or her professional field (business, law, medicine, academics, military, Foreign Service, government, philanthropy/charitable activities, etc.). The applicant should be regarded as a leader in his or her field and in the community.

• Applicants must be sponsored by two members (Knights or Dames) of the Federal Association. The sponsor and applicant should discuss all the criteria for admission before requesting an application.
• If the applicant is accepted into formation for admission to the Order, both sponsors understand that they will actively mentor their candidate through the formation process and encourage him or her to participate actively in the spiritual activities and service projects of the Order.


• Prior to Investiture, every candidate will be required to pay an initiation fee, known as "Passage Fees". After a candidate is invested, he or she will be required to pay Annual Dues.
• Members are encouraged to contribute to the Order’s Annual Appeal which supports the Association’s Hospitaller and defense of the faith projects.


St. Matthew's Cathedral, Investiture 2013

Once approved by the Admissions Committee, candidates are required to participate in the Association's Year of Formation. This begins by attending the Day of Formation in April in Washington, DC. This day-long orientation program is designed to provide candidates an overview of the mission, history, spirituality, and works of the Order. 
During a candidate's Year of Formation, he or she is required to participate in the Order's service projects and spiritual activities sponsored by the Association. Each candidate is assisted throughout the Year of Formation by their sponsors and by a liaison assigned to them from the Formation Committee. 
At the conclusion of the year, a "Formation Checklist" is signed by the candidate's sponsors and Regional Hospitaller (local coordinator of activities). The checklist is then reviewed by the Formation Committee. If the candidate has fulfilled the requirements, the committee will recommend them to the Association's Board of Directors for final approval.
If the candidate successfully completes the Year of Formation, his or her name is then sent to the Federal Association’s Board of Directors. The list of names approved by the Board is then sent to Rome (usually in early June) for the consideration of the Sovereign Council of the Order. 
Candidates formally approved by the Sovereign Council are notified immediately and invited to the Association’s Investiture Weekend in October in Washington, DC. 
The centerpiece of this weekend is the Investiture Ceremony and Mass on Saturday morning in the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle. Hundreds of Knights and Dames from around the country attend the spectacular Mass to welcome in their new confreres. 
In addition there are lunches, receptions, and presentations at a nearby hotel; and the Association’s Annual Dinner on Saturday night. 

Regulations and Commentary

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Application for Membership

Please contact the office to request information about the application process.