Naming the Order of Malta - Federal Association as a beneficiary to your retirement plan assests, life insurance or insurance annuities is simple and has great benefits to the Order and your other beneficiaries. 

  • As retirement funds are tax-deferred, they are one of the most costly to distribute to heirs.
  • When given to the Order of Malta-Federal Association, they are tax-free and fully used to support our Hospitaller works for our lords the sick and the poor. 
  • Finally, beneficiary designations can be changed at any time if your situation alters.

How to Name the Order as a Beneficiary

The terms of your will control the distribution of the majority of your assets, but life insurance, insurance annuities and and retirement plans require separate beneficiary forms.  You must contact the manager of these accounts to edit your beneficiary designation to include "The Order of Malta-Federal Association."


If you have questions, please contact Sydney Willis, Stewardship Coordinator by email or phone at 202-331-2494, or a member of our Planned Giving Council.  We are here to help and will hold any discussions in confidence.