Elected government of the Sovereign Order of Malta

The Sovereign Council assists the Lieutenant of the Grand Master in the government of the Order of Malta. It is composed of the Lieutenant of the Grand Master, who presides over it, the holders of the four High Offices (Grand Commander, Grand Chancellor, Grand Hospitaller and Receiver of the Common Treasure) and nine members.

Apart from the Lieutenant of the Grand Master, they are elected for a five-year term by the Chapter General.

The Sovereign Council is called by the Lieutenant of the Grand Master and meets at the seat of the Order of Malta at least six times a year and whenever special circumstances require it.


Lieutenant of the Grand Master

H.E. Fra’ John T. Dunlap


Grand Commander

H.E. Fra’ Emmanuel Rousseau

Grand Chancellor

H.E. Riccardo Paternò di Montecupo

Grand Hospitaller

H.E. Fra’ Alessandro de Franciscis

Receiver of the Common Treasure

H.E. Fabrizio Colonna


H.E. Fra’ Roberto Viazzo
H.E. Fra’ Richard J. Wolff
H.E. Fra’ John Eidinow
H.E. Fra’ João Augusto Esquivel Freire de Andrade
H.E. Fra’ Mathieu Dupont
H.E. Antonio Zanardi Landi
H.E. Michael Grace
H.E. Francis Joseph McCarthy
H.E. Mariano Hugo Windisch-Graetz