Planned Giving - Blessed Gerard Society

The Blessed Gerard Society was established in 1998 as a way of recognizing the members of the Order who have included the Order of Malta in their will or other estate planning. Membership in our religious order does not cease upon death. It is eternal, continuing in the company of that heavenly fraternity of Blessed Fra’ Gerard. As our membership continues, so should our support of our beloved Order.

Unless otherwise designated, all testamentary gifts are deposited in the Blessed Gerard Fund. A small percentage of this fund is drawn down each year to help support special projects recommended by the Grants Committee and approved by our Board of Directors. Over the years dozens of projects have directly improved lives by caring for the sick and the poor in our communities at home as well as internationally thanks to the hundreds of thousands of dollars that were drawn annually from this fund.

Throughout the history of the Order, Knights and Dames of Malta have been sustaining the Order and its Hospitaller works in this manner.  The Blessed Gerard Fund remains an important way of perpetuating this obligation, and more importantly, the noble work of the Order. Our goal is that every member, over time, will make this commitment. 

Thank you to those listed below who have already made this significant pledge.

Knowing that I have planned a legacy gift for the Order of Malta reaffirms my commitment that our mission should/will carry on.  While my intended gift may not be the largest the Order may receive, it allows me to find a balance in bequests to my family and Church as well as reaffirming the significance of the Order.  In essence, it is a definitive statement that the Order of Malta was important to me during my lifetime.

–  Loretto Kane, DM, Baltimore, MD

The Blessed Gerard Society

Anonymous (2)
Kathryn S. Abell
Patricia O. Abell *
W. Shepherdson Abell
Joan Fiske Adams, PhD*
Col. Cara Aghajanian
John P. Arness
John D. Becker
Mary Jane Becker
Hon. James A. Belson
Thomas P. Belson, M.D.
James W. Birkenstock *
Jackie Bohling
Jeff Bohling
Raymond C. Brophy
Agnes M. Brown
Brandon Brown
J. Robert Brown
Paul E. Burke Jr. *
John T. Butler
John J. Byrne *
RADM William Callaghan Jr. *
Valencia Yvonne Camp
Adam Augustine Carter
Charles Carroll Carter
Rosemary Casey Carter
Roseanne M. Casey *
Joan M. Cincotta
Teresa Claugus
Charles C. Cornelio
Nancy L. Cornelio
James Costantino
Patrick J. Daly *
Marla David
Paul B. David
L. Patrick Deering *
Deborah E. Demaree
Lawrence O. Demaree
Hugh Dempsey
G. Edward Dickey, Ph.D.
Rev. Msgr. Edward Dillon
Louis T. Donatelli
William R. Drew*
R. Dennis DuFour
Rev. Msgr. John Enzler
Noreen R. Falcone
Betty Frank *
Michael J. Gaffney
D. Geoffrey Gamble
Dorcas Gamble
Thomas C. Gaspard
Burton L. Gerber
Margaret Headley
Lester L. Hewitt
Travis A. Hewitt
Michelle Hines
Gregory Hitz
Grace P. Hobelman
John Hoy
Karen Burgio Hoy
Hon. G. Philip Hughes
Henry Lane Hull
Robert Hutton
Dr. Harry W. Johnson, Jr.
Jeffrey Kaman
Eugene I. Kane *
Loretto Kane
Thomas Kennelly
Philip Allen Lacovara
Rev. Paul T. Lamb
Fra' George Lasocki*
Rose Bente Lee *
Dale C. Levert
Blaire Limongello
Michael Limongello
Donald V. Lincoln
Carl Lindgren

Robert W. Lively
Dennis M. Lucey
Georgia Lynch
James Lynch
Michael R. Marsh
Clarence E. Martin, III
Judith G. Martin
Maria Theresa Martter
Frank Mayle, M.D. *
J. Paul McNamara
Daniel E. Meehan
Margaret Melady
Hon. Thomas Melady *
Wm. Ted Middendorf
Charles A. Mifsud
Bernadette O. Miller
Richard W. Miller*
Patrick J. Monaghan
Thomas Moreland
Chester H. Morris, M.D.
Lynn Mullaney
Fra’ Tom Mulligan
Barbara Murphy
Hon. Tim Murphy *
Patricia M. Normile
Milton G. Nottingham, Jr.
Robert C. Odle*
Daniel W. O’Donoghue *
Pauline Olsen, M.D.
Carl Overton *
Peter-Anthony Pappas
Mary A.D. Petrino, ASID
Melvin F. Polek
Katherine Potter
Joanne Powers
Samuel J. Powers *
Warren P. Powers
Gary Lee Printy
Lt. Michael J. Quigley, USN
Rev. Msgr. W. Louis Quinn *
Joseph A. Reyes
Eleonore B. Rickover
Hector Robles, M.D.
Christopher L. Rolland
Wayne T. Ruth
Cynthia S. Bieber Salazar
Eileen Sanchez
Robert Scaife
Kathleen C. Schaumber
Peter C. Schaumber
Robert Scheppegrell
Frances Scott
Hon. Gerald L. Scott
Peter Scudner
Kathryn R. Signorelli
Robert J. Signorelli
Anne Souser
Gerard "Chip" Souser
Frances L. Spencer*
Sidney D. Spencer
Truman Stacey *
Elizabeth Stoner
Fra’ James-Michael von Stroebel
Joseph P. Swift, M.D. *
Mary C. Swift
Judi A. Teske
Joseph A. Tronco Jr.
Katherine F. Tronco
Agnes S. Walsh
Sheila M. Weiford
Thomas E. Weiford
MG(R) Thomas Wessels
Patrick D. Whalen
Margaret M. Wheltle
Andrea Wilkinson
Cynthia Wilkinson
Hon. Jean Wilkowski*
Harold E. Williams
Gary E. Young
Robert J. Young
Dorothy Zolandz
* - deceased

My membership in the Blessed Gerard Society is the surest way to perpetuate our support for the works of the Order, long after we have left the Church Militant.  The Order was worth supporting in life, and therefore its Blessed Gerard Society is a natural fit for inclusion in our estate plan.

One's legacy is all about honoring, and continuing to love, those institutions and people you cherished in life. Estate planning clearly resonates with the old adage "It is the thought that counts".  Focus on showing all that knew you that your loves included the sick and poor, the two treasures of the Church and the Order.

– James Donahue, III, KM, Georgetown, TX