Prison Ministry

The North American Prison Ministry Apostolate

The North American Prison Ministry Apostolate, consisting of some 2,500 knights, dames, auxiliary and volunteers may be the largest Catholic outreach to the incarcerated in the world. Today the Prison Ministry Apostolate is composed of the American, Canadian, Federal and Western Associations and has as its mission serving the spiritual needs of our incarcerated brothers and sisters.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to encourage our members and others to encounter and accompany those in prison, jail, or detention and those recently released. We will seek to compassionately demonstrate the hope that comes from our Catholic Christian faith and from God’s love for those persons.

Pen Pals

There is a way to visit those in prison without having to go inside a prison unit. The anonymous Pen Pal program opens the door to a safe encounter without revealing your full name or address and without going inside a prison unit. To learn more, contact maltapenpalprogram@gmail.com.


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Forty Weeks

Thanks to Father Bill Watson SJ of Sacred Story Institute (sacredstory.net), we have an opportunity to open the doors to the spiritual path that leads to an encounter with Jesus Christ. Our writers are matched with a pal inside the walls and together they will be guided on a Forty Week spiritual journey by sharing monthly reflections through their correspondence. 

Watch the video prepared by Father Bill Watson below!



Join the Men in White in their spiritual journey through monthly reflections on how they live their lives as men of God in a Texas prison unit.