Religious superior and Sovereign of the Order of Malta

The Lieutenant of the Grand Master is elected by the Council Complete of State for a term of one year from amongst the Professed Knights.

According to the Constitution, as the religious Superior and Sovereign, he must fully dedicate himself to the development of the works of the Order and set an example of living by Christian principles to all the members of the Order. He is vested with supreme authorities.

Together with the Sovereign Council, the Lieutenant of the Grand Master issues the legislative measures not covered by the Constitution, promulgates government acts, manages the financial assets, ratifies, international agreements and the summoning of the Chapter General.

The States with which the Order has diplomatic relations recognise the Lieutenant of the Grand Master with the prerogatives, immunities and honours reserved for Heads of State.

The Lieutenant of the Grand Master resides at the Order’s seat of government, the Magistral Palace in Rome.

Lieutenant of the Grand Master, H.E. Fra' Marco Luzzago

Fra’ Marco Luzzago was born 1950 in Brescia. He completed a scientific high school degree at the institute of the Franciscans in Brescia, before studying medicine for a number of years at the Universities of Padua and Parma. He was then asked to manage his family’s property interests. This led on to business activities in the consumer industry and large-scale retail distribution, an area in which he continued to be involved in for many years.

Fra’ Marco Luzzago joined the Sovereign Order of Malta in 1975 in the Grand Priory of Lombardy and Venice and took his Solemn religious Vows in 2003. He began attending the Order of Malta’s international pilgrimages to Lourdes and the national pilgrimages to Assisi and Loreto. Since 2010 he has dedicated his life completely to the Order of Malta, moving to the Marches to care for one of the Order’s Commanderies. Since 2011 he has been Commander of Justice in the Grand Priory of Rome, where he holds the position of Delegate of the Northern Marches and head of the library. Since 2017 he has been Councillor of the Order of Malta’s Italian Association. He has been elected Lieutenant of the Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta by the Council Complete of State on 8 November 2020.

Fra’ Marco Luzzago is related to Pope Paul VI.