The Federal Association has Knights and Dames in over 31 cities nationwide. As membership has grown in these areas, we have created regions to facilitate ongoing spiritual and volunteer activities for members. Each region is coordinated by a Hospitaller - a Knight or Dame assigned to the area and responsible for the organization of membership-related events, Masses, and activities.

There are individual pages for each of the existing Federal Association Hospitaller Regions. Click on the name of a region to view the activities and contacts for that area. Each region has its own calendar and the ability to add news articles, upcoming events, photos, etc.


Our regional hospitallers play a significant role in developing and sustaining the mission of our Order. Because this role is so important to our Association, the Board of Directors approved a new method to select regional hospitallers that is based on suggestions by the local region's members and the Association Hospitaller's discernment and due diligence.

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