Annual Stewardship Appeal: October 1 - December 31, 2019

Fulfilling our promise to serve the sick and the needy

Contributions to the Appeal are used to support programs that provide a direct, meaningful service to the poor and the sick and to support programs that educate our members and others in their Catholic faith so they can better know, live, and defend the faith.

Making a Difference, One Grant at a Time

The Grants Committee provides financial and material support to health clinics, soup kitchens and food distribution centers, home repair, and other relief programs in this country and overseas. Special care is taken to ensure that no grant funds are used to help with overhead or administrative expenses.
The Defense of the Faith Committee supports educational initiatives that strengthen the Catholic faith – in individuals and in the communities we serve.
In addition, beginning in 2014, a portion of the Annual Stewardship Appeal has been used each year to underwrite the costs associated with bringing Malades and their companions (at no cost) on the annual pilgrimage to Lourdes.

The days are coming, says the LORD, when I will fulfill the promise I made to the house of Israel and Judah. In those days, in that time, I will raise up for David a just shoot; he shall do what is right and just in the land.

Jeremiah 33:14

Does Your Gift Matter?

Every gift matters. Each year, there are a number of worthy requests that are declined or are only partially funded—limited only by the participation and generosity of the Knights and Dames. Without gifts to the Annual Stewardship Appeal many of the good works of the Order would not be possible.  See how your generosity can impact someone's life!

It requires gifts of all sizes to carry on the important and vital work of the Order. 

Watch this short clip from one of our grant recipients, Medicines for Humanity, to see how your gift has impacted these children's lives.

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The Spirituality in Giving

Giving to the Annual Stewardship Appeal is an important extension of a member's vocation and dedication to the mission of the Order. It hearkens back to the earliest ideals of the Order and is an expression of the true spirit of Fra' Gerard at work today.

The preservation of the Order and the advancement of its mission over the centuries is owed to the long-held tradition of personal sacrifice on the part of those whom Christ has called to be Knights and Dames. This is what makes the Order distinctive from all other philanthropic endeavors.

Knights and Dames are obliged under the cross of the Order to harness, both individually and collectively, all their qualities, gifts, and resources to help those in whom Christ is suffering today.

Wearing the insignia of the Order obliges members to use all their efforts and resources for the benefit and perpetuation of the Order. In the Spiritual Guidelines, it is stated that "Every Knight and Dame...will strive to make some sacrifice—in order to help those who suffer—in accordance with the evangelical precept: quod superest date pauperibus (from your abundance give to the afflicted).

The Federal Association joins in the faithful tradition of the generosity and sacrifice of the earliest members of the Order. Its goal is that every member of the Federal Association will make a meaningful contribution to the Annual Stewardship Appeal.

Thank you 2018 Appeal Supporters

Founders Circle

Thomas Wilbur

Presidents Circle

Pat & Mary Anne Clancy
Michael J. & Noreen R. Falcone
Peter Forster
Rick & Patty Jones
Matthew & Katherine Lee
Kathleen Mezzalingua
Charles A. Mifsud
Bill & Mary Noel Page
Margaret Riehl*
Mr. & Mrs. B. Francis Saul II
Robert T. & Carol R. Shircliff Advised Fund
Agnes N. Williams

Federal Circle

Kathryn & Shep Abell
John P. Arness
Jan Baran
Bertha Soto Braddock
Agee F. Bryant
Mr. & Mrs. L. Bradley Camp
Louis T. Donatelli
Paul Franz
Tim Gunderman
The Michael & Marlys Haverty Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. E. Mark Hotze
Craig M. Jarchow
Catherine Jenkins
Dr. Harry W. Johnson Jr.
Dr. Don Joyce, M.D.
Normal L. Longwell, Longwell Family Foundation
Robert Odle
Clair M. & Jeanne L. Raubenstine
Joseph & Diana Rockey



Complete List of Donors

2018 Appeal Review

  • $794,097.47 Raised
  • 63% of Members, 53% of Candidates, and 28% of Chaplains Participated

TAX ID#: 52-1113253

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Financial Coordinator & Program Manager
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