Order of Malta Moment

April 27, 2012

Lourdes Hospitalite Prepares for Annual Pilgrimage

Members of the Federal Association flew to Lourdes April 20 to begin work for Hospitalite de Notre-Dame de Lourdes. This advance team is led by Barbara Murphy, DMOb 7th year, Dorcas Gamble, DMOb 6th year, Agnes Brown, DM 5th year and Cynthia Wilkinson, DM 2nd year. They will meet up with Frances Scott, DGD, Gerald Scott, KM and Frank Gembala, KM among others who are serving for the first time, as well as members of the Western Association.
It would be impossible for the Sanctuary to function for the 6 million annual pilgrims without the generous volunteer members of Hospitalite. They are called hospitallers and in the words of Father Regis-Marie de La Teyssonniere, they are “like the hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem” as they see “in each pilgrim, ‘our lords the poor and the sick’”. This is probably one of the reasons the Prince and Grand Master, Fra Matthew Festing, suggests members of the Order serve in this capacity in Lourdes.

Memphis Members Host “Burning Bush” Retreat for Teens

Members of the Order of Malta in Memphis recently hosted a retreat for the youth of Diocese given by the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. About 160 high school students from around the area and as far away as Murpheesboro were there to experience a deeper understanding of what it means to be Catholic and in love with our blessed Lord in the Eucharist. It was amazing to see different teens come together for praise and worship with such great joy!
Central to the retreat was the Eucharist set in a Monstrance on top of the “Burning Bush”, a wooden structure with about 60 candles lit for the whole weekend for 40 hours of Adoration. When the kids went home in the evening, adult volunteers came to be with Jesus in Adoration both Friday and Saturday night to pray for these young people on retreat. One student from another denomination exclaimed how impressed he was with Catholics, and how much we love the Eucharist! In addition there were other highlights that impressed the teens, the celebration of the Mass each day, the Rosary and the crowning of the Blessed Mother and the consecration to her Immaculate Heart, the music and moving testimonies about faith and their vocations from both the Franciscan Friars and the Nashville Dominicans.

So many of these young people were so moved by the retreat that most of them came up to give some very touching and heartfelt testimonies on Sunday after Mass. All those present were particularly touched by the Eucharistic healing on Saturday evening when Father Anthony took the Eucharist in the Monstrance around to each student for a personal encounter with Our Lord.

At the closing Mass, Fr. Anthony told the story about when he was in the seminary that students would leave Mass somewhat downcast. But he realized that if he really believed that Jesus was present in the Eucharist that we should really be filled with great joy. Evidence that we believe in Jesus and our encounters with Him should remain with us and give us great joy going back to school and our lives every day. - Erin Archer, DM , Memphis

Federal Association Outlines New Election Process

This year will mark the beginning of a new process for the Federal Association elections—a process outlined by a special committee, and approved by the Board and members alike. More information will be provided in the upcoming weeks. A quick overview of the process for 2012 includes: Candidates for President should be servant leaders and Members will self nominate. The Nominating committee will vet candidates’ credentials relative to the requirements outlined in the By-Law changes. Candidates will be bound by a pledge not to campaign for the position and they will summit to the members a 300 word qualifications statement. The Notice of Election will be sent by June 1 and will outline which offices are open, who presently holds the offices, and which positions are eligible for a second term. By July 1, nominations for President and Directors will be due.

The election cycle will be different than is past. Most of the election process will be held in August, and summer mailing address information will need to be available to the Office. More details will be forthcoming.

Join the Virtual Pilgrimage

Even if you aren’t going to Lourdes, you can ‘see’ Lourdes through our Pilgrimage page on Facebook (just like Sovereign Order of Malta- Lourdes Pilgrimage) and by following Malta Moment on Twitter. You'll receive updates of the Pilgrimage from Federal Association members in Lourdes and be with them virtually. If you are already a Twitter user enter your Twitter account, follow Malta Moment. For additional assistance contact Alan Veeck, KM if you need assistance.

And, your petitions can be placed at our Lady’s feet in the Grotto, but hurry! Petitions must be received by Apr 25 Print your name and address clearly on the return section of your envelope. This will enable us to send an acknowledgment card from Lourdes the day that your petitions are delivered to the Grotto. You may fill out more than one form and place it in the same envelope. Your intentions will not be unfolded or read Click here to access the form. Please do not email or fax your petitions.

Lourdes Novena: Week 9

Prayer for the Ninth Week

(See the March 2nd Order of Malta Moment for the Novena Prayer, and pray this week 8 prayer.)

Our Lady of Lourdes, support of the Holy Church, pray for us. Protect the Holy Father, and fill him with the light of the Holy Spirit. May we always have a filial love for him. May we be faithful to his voice; and may those who have gone astray come back to the Church to console the heart of our beloved Pontiff. Bless all priests, especially all those who make you known and loved. Queen of the Apostles, pray for us.

Upcoming Events:

May 2-9 - Lourdes Pilgrimage.
May 4 - Syracuse - First Friday Mass and Breakfast at 7 AM. Contact: Margaret Martin
May 12 - Syracuse - Assumption Church Pancake Breakfast - Volunteers arrive by 7:30 AM. Contact: John Clark
May 17 - Baltimore - Volunteers needed for My Sister’s Place Women’s Shelter 3rd Tuesday Dinner 4-6:30 PM Contact: Margie Counselman
May 22 - Lancaster, PA - Defense of the Faith Series, “With Liberty and Justice for Some”, featuring Marie Hilliard, Ph.D., DM. Dr. Hilliard is Director of Bioethics and Public Policy at The National Catholic Bioethics Center. Mass 6:30, with lecture following at St. John Neumann Church. Contact: Pat Whalen
May 28 - Syracuse - Malta House Birthday Party; arrive by 2:30 PM. Contact: Kathy Mezzalingua
Jun 11 - Kansas City, MO - The St. James Place Steak and T-shirt Dinner for the hungry; contact Georgia Lynch for details.
Jun 16-17 - Annual Spring Retreat of the Federal Association; St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore; Rev. Thomas Hurst, S.S., retreat director. Click here for RSVP form.
Jun 19 - Wash DC - St. John the Baptist Mass & Reception; St. Matthew's Cathedral; 6:30 PM; His Eminence Donald Cardinal Wuerl, celebrant. Contact: Joe Dempsey
Jun 19 - Baltimore - Volunteers needed for My Sister’s Place Women’s Shelter 3rd Tuesday Dinner 4-6:30 PM Contact: Margie Counselman
Jun 22 - Lancaster, PA - Federal Association's primary observance of the Feast of St. John the Baptist; Mass - St. Mary's Church, 6:00 PM; dinner at the Hamilton Club. Contact: Pat Whalen