The Board of Directors of the Federal Association has asked the newly reconstituted Nominating Committee to expand its role to include encouraging all members to serve on committees; the Board and future ad hoc committees. To accomplish this, the Committee needs everyone’s help.

Representing the geographical diversity of our Association, Nominating Committee members are: Theresa Martter, Dallas; Robert Gallagher, Charlotte; Alan Crone, Memphis; John Hoy, Philadelphia; Patrick McCarthy, Tallahassee; Larry Demaree, Bethesda; Hugh Dempsey, Washington.

The Nominating Committee is required to have three members of the Board of Directors represented. Those seats are currently held by Frank Gembala, Chicago; Margaret Melady, Washington and serving in the immediate past president seat, Paul McNamara.

The Nominating Committee is asking each Regional Hospitaller, Board Member and member to identify Knights and Dames in good standing whose talents would enrich the work of the Order. Feel free to recommend people to any member on the nominating committee.

Please take time to discern your own commitment to the Order and place your own name among those willing to serve.

Thank you,
Nominating Committee

Please click here to read the letter from the Chair of the Nominating Committee.


Reaching Out a Helping Hand

Every Saturday morning for the past twelve years, hungry and often homeless men, women, and children have gathered in a South Dallas vacant lot to gratefully receive a hot meal from their brothers and sisters who are the knights and dames of the Dallas Region of the Order of Malta. Rain or shine, good weather and bad, the Order of Malta has been there, serving those in desperate need.

In the early 1990s, alone and defenseless in a South Dallas vacant lot, a homeless man died from malnutrition and exposure. This tragic death inspired a human interest article in the Dallas Morning News. The story described his daughter, a young woman in her early 20s, who, after her father’s death, would visit the lot and bring a small amount of food to the homeless and needy who would gather there. One of the story’s readers, Opal Phillips, showed up at the lot to offer her assistance and was shocked to see the number of needy people. When Opal returned home, she called a popular morning radio program to issue a call for help. A management consultant from the Park Cities area of Dallas, well known for her cooking skills, heard her plea. This good-hearted chef was appalled to see so many homeless, hungry people being served by a meager feeding program. Seeking help, she reached out to friends and eventually Bette and Jerry Hoag. Arriving at the vacant lot the next week, the Hoags found Opal there, dressed in her cowboy boots and hat, standing at her van filled with food from her farm. Bette and Jerry were instantly inspired, dedicating themselves for the next 22 years to the Saturday Morning - Vacant Lot Food Ministry to the Homeless. - read more -


Painting of the Basilica of Notre Dame de Liesse where the Image of Our Lady of Liesse is enthroned.

In the Sovereign Military Order of Malta Liturgical Calendar, December 2 is celebrated as a memorial under the title “Our Lady of Liesse, Cause of Our Joy”. It is a very old tradition in the Order. In 1134 three Knights of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem,
prisoners of the Muslims in Egypt, reportedly miraculously found or received in their prison a statue of Our Lady, which they named "Notre Dame de Liesse" [“Our Lady of Joy” in French]. In response to their prayers, a young Muslim princess, named Ismerie, took an interest in the Knights and through the intercession of Our Lady and the mercy of God the princess was converted. The princess arranged the escape of the pious crusaders and joined them on their journey to France. They carried the statue with them, and in the region of Laon, about 35 miles northwest of Reims, they founded a church as a resting place for the statue. Through local devotion the church took on the name of the statue, and gave that name to the whole region, so that "Notre Dame de Liesse" came to mean both "Our Lady of Joy" and "Our Lady of [the place called] Liesse". The statue came to be venerated by many, and "Our Lady of Liesse" became the Patroness of the Diocese of Soissons. In 1620 the titular Bailiff of Armenia, Fra' Jacques Chenu de Bellay, built a church to Our Lady of Liesse at Valletta in Malta. The original statue was destroyed during the French Revolution, but the medieval basilica at Liesse remained a center of devotion to the Mother of God, and a new statue was installed and crowned there in 1857. It is still the focus of pilgrimage, especially on Whit Monday.


November 2013 - June 2014

Knights of Malta ®

Every Gift Matters!

The Annual Appeal Goal is always 100% member participation. Our programs that depend on the appeal (Grants, Defense of Faith and Lourdes Malades) thank the 29% of Chaplains, 27% of Members and 26% of Candidates that have already committed $321,556 in gifts.

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Each day of Advent, starting on December 1st, a prayer, spiritual thought, or way you can help the mothers and babies in Bethlehem will be posted to an interactive calendar on the Foundation website.


Please click on the image above to register.

We need four teams of 15-20 volunteer workers for each of the weeks listed below. Volunteers will arrive on Sunday afternoon, and check into the New Orleans Marriott on Canal Street.

The remaining work weeks are:
January 19-24, 2014
February 23-28, 2014
March 23-28, 2014


Distribution of emergency kits containing utensils, blankets and hygiene items on Bantayan.

Cologne/Manila. With the first distributions of relief goods on the Philippine islands of Bantayan and Samar completed, Malteser International will send an additional 4,500 kits to the regions affected by Typhoon Haiyan, increasing the reach of its relief activities to nearly 20,000 people. The packages containing food, household and hygiene items will benefit an additional 1,500 families in two villages on Bantayan Island. In addition, 800 tarpaulin sets for temporary shelters will be distributed to the residents of two coastal villages near Tacloban City on Samar Island.