Bob Branand Recognized for Contributions to Relief Efforts in Haiti

Geoff Gamble, GCHDOb, past president of the Federal Association, recently traveled to Washington, DC to present Bob Branand, KM, with the Pro Merito Award and Medal. In nominating Bob for the award, Geoff described Bob's efforts to help the people of Haiti in 2010 as nothing short of heroic. 

When a horrific earthquake struck in 2010, Bob boarded a plane for Haiti within days to assist Malteser International. Working with the U.S. military, Bob arranged transportation for the Order’s ambassador to Haiti and himself to Port-au-Prince where they connected with the German Malteser International Team.  

Once on the ground in the Haitian capital, together they found a site for an Order of Malta aid station. In the face of extremely difficult circumstancesno cell phones, no food or water, and little gasBob worked to set up Malta field hospital tents, and the aid station was established in the nearby town of Leogane. To get the needed equipment, Bob volunteered to go into a structurally unsound hospital to retrieve surgical equipment and medical supplies. He even persuaded the U.S. government to bring to the field hospital thousands of bottles of water, which were previously unavailable in the area.