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Fort Bend residents Mark and Cathy Hotze will be honored at the 10th annual Mission of Love Gala on September 7, benefitting Catholic Charities’ Mamie George Community Center in Richmond.

Catholic Charities to Recognize Houston Members at Mission of Love Gala

Betsy Ballard, Catholic Charities, Fort Bend County, Texas

The 10th annual Mission of Love Gala, benefiting Catholic Charities’ Mamie George Community Center (MGCC), sets sail on Thursday, September 7 with a jaunty nautical theme: the “Faith, Hope and Love Boat.”  The event honors Cathy and Mark Hotze, a couple with a long history of compassionate, inspired leadership ...

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Robert L. Hutton, KMOb to Serve as Chairman-elect of the National Advisory Board to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

Megan Rogers, Catholic Diocese of Memphis

The Catholic Diocese of Memphis congratulates Robert L. Hutton, KM for his selection as Chairman-elect of the USCCB's National Advisory Council:

"Many blessings and congratulations to Robert L. Hutton, our Diocesan Attorney, who has ...

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Father Larry Sullivan prays for these lost members of the Chicago community

Reflecting on a Chicago Burial Service for the Indigent

The Rev’d. Russell J. Levenson, Jr., D.Min, D.D., OStJ, Eyes on the Future Vol. 4, No. 6, The Order of St. John

In our society, there are individuals who face the harsh reality of poverty, enduring its burdens until their final breath. When these individuals pass away without the means to afford a proper burial, it is ...

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The Fight Against Human Trafficking

Jackie Gallagher, DMOb, Clarence E. Martin III, KMOb, Cara Aghajanian, DMOb, Laura Mead, DM


"Where Babies are Born in Bethlehem" - Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation

Kate Robinson, Foundation Director
In November, Grand Hospitaller Fra Alessandro di Francisis attended his first meeting with the Order’s International Board to Holy Family Hospital.  
A press team from Rome and the Vatican joined the board to “live ...
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Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Presents Award to the Order of Malta

Larry Demaree, KM

The Order of Malta ministry at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) has been impacted by the intense restrictions on access by non-military personnel on the base.  Since Covid, the restrictions have been lifted ...

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Father John Riccardo speaking at the Fourth Annual Hospitaller Dinner

"Hope is our anchor, Father Riccardo tells Order of Malta"


Please read below an article written by The Catholic Times of Columbus, Ohio. "Hope is our anchor, Father Riccardo tells Order of Malta", reports the talk Father John Riccardo gave during the Fourth Annual Hospitaller ...

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Photo: Past Federal Association Presidents Bill Page, GCM, Dr. Margaret Melady, GCM, and W. Shepherdson Abell, GCMOb with current President Fra' Thomas Mulligan.

President Fra’ Thomas Mulligan Recognized for Leadership


Photo from Left to Right: Tony Molinaro, KM and Joe Gareau, KM

Bluffton Enhances Work at Local Food Pantry

Tony Molinaro, KM

Believe it or not, impoverished people do live on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. The brainchild of the Rev. Dr. Nannette Pierson, the Sandalwood Community Food Pantry began its operation in February of 2009. Five ...

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Photo from Left to Right: Damiano del Toro, KM, Damian Leader, KM, Linda O’Connor, Diane Oakley, DM, Rich Landfield, KM, Cathy MacFarlane, Candidate, and in front, Joan Leader

DC Team Upgrades L'Arche House

Rich Landfield, KM

During a Holy Trinity Malta group spring meeting, Luke Smith, the executive director of L’Arche DC, gave an inspiring overview of L’Arche International and its mission of providing homes for intellectually disabled persons ...

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Central North Carolina Region Challenged with Example of English Martyrs

Rob Rose, KM

The Central North Carolina Region, with the help of Chuck Cornelio and in conjunction with Saint Pius X parish in Greensboro, North Carolina, invited Judge Robert Conrad to speak about his newly written book: “John ...

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The Chaplet of the Order

Cameron Jackson, KM and Natalie Jackson, DM

The Chaplet of the Order is a new sacramental. The image of the chaplet came to a knight and dame who lead the Spirituality Committee in the Charlotte Region while they were working on materials ...

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Photo from Left to Right: Todd Wilkens, KM, Stefan Wilkens; Max Niederhofer, Candidate; Alina Niederhofer; Don Patteson, KM; Dan Shelley, KM; Bill Zanardi

Central Texas Region Boosts Aid to Homeless

Christy Wilkens, DM

The Central Texas Region has expanded its partnership with Saint Louise House, a nonprofit that offers supportive housing for women and children experiencing homelessness. This August, members provided and served a meal at one of ...

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Traveling to Lourdes with St. Bernadette

Cathy Hotze, DM

When one visits Lourdes, France, they realize what a privilege it is to be in the presence of Our Lady and St. Bernadette. Few people are afforded this opportunity, but this summer, more than a ...

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Oklahoma City Holds Retreat

Brett Farley, KM

Members of the Order of Malta - Oklahoma City recently participated in the region's third annual spiritual retreat. Led by the Rev. Roger Landry, a dozen and a half of our knights and dames joined ...

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Angel Tree Tags to Benefit Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem

Peter-Anthony Pappas, KM

Recently, Peter-Anthony Pappas, KM, a Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation board member, hosted an event at his home to assemble Angel Tree tags with a lively group of knights, dames, and friends of the ...

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Columbus Members Recognized for Pandemic Service

Leonard Barbe, KM

Members of the Columbus Region and their collaborators were awarded certificates and medals for service to our lords the poor and the sick during the darkest days of the Covid-19 pandemic. The ceremony took place ...

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The Order of Malta-Federal Association announces the 2022 Defense of the Faith Forum Presenter, Mary Eberstadt

Members of the Federal Association and their guests are invited to attend the presentation of Mary Eberstadt at the 2022 Defense of the Faith Forum, October 14th at 4:30 PM at the Madison ...
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(Left to right) Cláudia Garradas, Dr. Valeria Vanesio, and Dr. Christine Muscat review manuscripts at the Monastery of Santa Ursula, Valletta, Malta.

Hill Museum & Manuscript Library Feature Story "Where We’re Working — The Monastery of Santa Ursula"

Dr. Daniel K. Gullo, Joseph S. Micallef Director of the Malta Study Center

When Cláudia Garradas, the site director of the Malta Study Center, learned about the opportunity to digitally preserve the archives of the Monastery of Santa Ursula in Valletta, Malta, she immediately understood the significance ...

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Coats for the Homeless Program

Peter De Keratry, KM

The Oklahoma City Region is delighted to invite other regions again to participate in the Coats for the Homeless program.

We have created a new, independent non-profit corporation called Blessed Are They, Inc. to manage ...

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37th Order of Malta International Summer Camp for Young People with Disabilities, Rome 2022

Christopher Murphy, KM

 “Tutte le strada portano a Roma- All roads lead to Rome”.

After 3 years of waiting due to the Covid 19 pandemic, over 400 youth Volunteer Staff, Volunteer Helpers, and guests with disabilities from around ...

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Fra’ Nicola Tegoni Approved to Serve as Regent of the Subpriory of Our Lady of Lourdes


With the recent appointment of Fra' Richard Wolff to the Sovereign Council vacancy, which was created when the Holy Father appointed Fra' John Dunlap as Lieutenant of the Grand Master, Fra’ Nicola Tegoni has been ...

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Philadelphia Region Celebrates the Feast of St. John the Baptist

Robert Macri, KM

Members of the Philadelphia Region joined with members of the American Association to celebrate the Feast of St. John the Baptist at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Overbrook Park, Philadelphia. Chaplain, Rev. Eric Banecker ...

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Chicago Auxiliary Pall Bearer Program

Basil Damukaitis, KM

The Chicago Auxiliary, through its recently constituted Pall Bearer Program, along with co-hospitaller Suzanne Hollerbach Nelson, received a procession of 13 hearses carrying the cremated remains of 333 Cook County residents at ...

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Catholic Spirituality for the Incarcerated