Columbus Members Recognized for Pandemic Service

Members of the Columbus Region and their collaborators were awarded certificates and medals for service to our lords the poor and the sick during the darkest days of the Covid-19 pandemic. The ceremony took place in June after the Annual St. John the Baptist Mass attended by members of both the Federal and American associations at St. John the Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio.

The Mass was celebrated by Bishop Earl Fernandes, assisted by Deacon Frank Iannarino and Ty Carter, a Pontifical College Josephinum seminarian, who served as master of ceremonies.

To express gratitude to those who provide assistance in an emergency situation and to give a tangible sign of the special contribution made by members and volunteers in specific campaigns, the Sovereign Council has established the Sovereign Order of Malta Campaign Medal, which complements the Order pro Merito Melitensi.

Given the global presence of the Order of Malta in dealing with the pandemic, the first Campaign Medal is being awarded for the Covid-19 emergency. It acknowledges the Order’s members and volunteers who have put their health at risk to bring aid to those directly or indirectly affected by the virus. Also included are those who aided these efforts through special financial assistance.

Twenty-eight members and colleagues were awarded medals and certificates in the Columbus area for their work at the Center of Care, which is operated by the Columbus Region together with the Catholic Medical Association and the Community of Holy Rosary/St. John.

Among the members of the Order being recognized were: Leonard Barbe, KM, Maj. Dr. William Bobowicz, KM, Marilyn Dono, DM, Dr. Joseph Fiala, KM, Thatcher Hallock, CAN, Jeff Kaman, KM, Dr. Brian Kenney, KM, Teresa Kenney, DM, Dr. Richard Mena, KM, Rich Mena, KM Dr. William Miely, KM, Charles Mifsud, KM, Donald Miller, KM, Dr. Michael Parker, KM, James Powell, KM, Hon. John Reiner, KM, and Jason Thomas, KM. Among the collaborators who participated with them were: Norman Altman, Robin Altman, Shirley Hairston, Jackie Hunt, Dr. Amy Imm, Kathy Kuhn, Dr. George Lewandowski, Dr. Thomas Rankin, Dr. Marian Schuda, Dr. William Turek, and Julie Winland.