Central North Carolina Region Challenged with Example of English Martyrs

The Central North Carolina Region, with the help of Chuck Cornelio and in conjunction with Saint Pius X parish in Greensboro, North Carolina, invited Judge Robert Conrad to speak about his newly written book: “John Fisher and Thomas Moore, Keeping Their Souls While Losing Their Heads”.

The book tells the story of two 16th-century martyrs who were beheaded within two weeks of each other as a result of their defense of the faith. 

John Fisher, a chancellor of Cambridge University and bishop of Rochester, was elevated to cardinal the day before his execution. Thomas Moore served in the court of King Henry VIII as lord high chancellor. Each man refused to acknowledge supremacy of Henry VIII as head of the Church of England and continued to uphold papal supremacy. 


Following Judge Conrad’s presentation there was much discussion of the courage of these men in their defense of the faith and how their lives speak to us in present times.

Judge Conrad is a U.S. District Court judge and was previously U.S. attorney for the Western District of North Carolina. He also played basketball at Clemson University. More proudly, Judge Conrad is a father, grandfather, coach, mentor, and amateur historian. It is said that he brings an Irishman’s love for a well told story. The skill was evident in the presentation.

More than 300 people attended the evening's reception and talk, made possible by our region’s chaplain, Msgr. Anthony Marcaccio; Deb Ritzel, DM, who is the region’s Defense of the Faith Committee leader; Chuck Cornelio, KM; and various committee members and other knights and dames of the region.