The Chaplet of the Order is a new sacramental. The image of the chaplet came to a knight and dame who lead the Spirituality Committee in the Charlotte Region while they were working on materials for a monthly spirituality call related to the Beatitudes in 2020. They immediately drew on a piece of paper what they believed had been revealed to them as a new devotion that would support the spiritual renewal of the Order. They were also inspired to write prayers to accompany each section of the chaplet, including unique prayers specifically for knights and dames to reflect on each of the Beatitudes.

They shared the chaplet design with a company in Italy to have a prototype created. It took about two months to have the prototype designed, hand-crafted, and sent to them in North Carolina. The prototype and the newly written prayers were then shared through their hospitaller with leadership at the Federal Association, where permission was given to proceed with the creation of this new devotion. A member of the board of directors for the Federal Association suggested seeking the blessing of the chaplet and associated prayers—through the chaplain of the Charlotte Region—from the bishop of Charlotte for use by the faithful as an official sacramental of the Church. The approval was provided in 2021. To our knowledge, this is the first sacramental devoted to the Beatitudes and the Order of Malta in the history of the Catholic Church and the 900-year history of our Order.

What had started as an inspiration from the Holy Spirit had become a reality. The knight and dame worked with a Catholic-owned company in Italy and a Catholic-owned company in the United States to make the chaplet available to all members of the Order in all regions, association, priories, and sub-priories around the world. The knight and dame who designed and made this gift to the Order do not receive any personal benefit other than the ability to pray this new sacramental. The companies they worked with are only recouping the costs related to the materials and labor needed to make the chaplet and prayer booklet available around the globe. 

To learn more about the chaplet and prayer booklet, please contact Cameron and Natalie Jackson at either cameronljackson1@gmail.com or nlkjackson3@gmail.com.