Chicago Region Reunites for Service After Pandemic Hiatus

Knights, dames, and members of the auxiliary in the Chicago Region recently had the honor of helping the sisters at Our Lady of the Angels (OLA) clear debris from the OLA campus and gardens, an effort that brought immediate results and raised spirits. In August, confreres assisted the sisters in distributing school supplies to neighborhood families.  

Doug O'Brien, KM, shared his thoughts about serving the sisters: “The work clearing the overgrowth of weeds and debris from around OLA was tough and left my back pretty sore. But as we drove home, my son turned to me and said how proud he was that we had done something to help a community in need, and how impressed he was by the sisters and their work. He wants to know when we can go back to OLA."

At St. Thomas of Canterbury Food Pantry, Chicago confreres began the work of emptying a large storage area that will be reconfigured to accommodate a new, grocery-style approach to the food pantry. This project has been funded through a generous grant from the Federal Association.