Like everywhere, the Holy Family Hospital, Bethlehem, has had a difficult year, but over 4,000 babies were born there in 2020, and received exemplary care
Ambassador Michele Bowe, President of the Holy Family Hospital Foundation, says: "My heart just breaks for the doctors trying to decide who gets a ventilator. And so many countries have oversupplied and don’t need them, but we can’t get them in reliably or quickly enough."
In reporting on 2020, she notes: "Despite the shutdowns, roadblocks, and challenges, Holy Family Hospital's doors remain open to all. In 2020, we delivered 4,364 babies, and provided lifesaving care for 423 sick or premature infants in our NICU.
"But in the region, the outbreak of covid last February meant 90% of the population was left without salaries because of the heavy dependence on pilgrimage activity. In the ensuing ten months, poverty has grown along with food insecurity, greatly impacting the health of patients and the work and budget of the Hospital.
"Healthcare at the Hospital continues to be more complicated and labour intensive because of COVID and the growing poverty in Bethlehem, but these stresses have not broken the spirits of our dedicated staff members.
"It is the generosity of donors which has meant the Hospital can continue to deliver life."
If you can help, please follow the link: https://birthplaceofhope.org/donate/