It was six months ago that many of us went into the water at Lourdes. While I kept my enthusiasm at a low level, I felt an immediate cessation of symptoms and pain from the various cancers afflicting me. I kept expecting that it would all return, but enjoyed the reprieve. I am writing to tell you that none of it has returned. 


Today, one of my doctors revealed blood test results confirming that the leukemia is gone. A scan indicates related liver panels are completely normal. Normal. Next month I will have further scans and so forth to assess the Neuroendocrinal Tumors/Carcinoid Syndrome and the Peritoneal Carcinomatosis.  However, as I mentioned, I have remained symptom-free, with October being the first month since April 2004 in which I have not undergone a cancer treatment protocol. The daily fistful of medications were last taken on May 5 of this year.


I am overwhelmed. That Our Lady would have wrapped her loving cloak around me in such a way is simply unfathomable. Two of the four cancers are gone and the other two, at the very least, remain dormant.


I carry each of you in my heart and in my prayers. I know that next year's malades are currently preparing their applications, and I am praying for each of them. Please, continue to pray for me as I do for you.  We are woven together in God's heart forever.