The Catholic Cafe: Defending the Faith in the Modern World

From left to right: Deacon Jeff Drzycimski, Monsignor John McArthur, and co-host Tom Dorian


“Be it mine to practice and defend the Catholic, the Apostolic, the Roman Faith…”  Those familiar words from our daily prayer ring so urgently in today’s world. Among other works to carry out that charge, the Federal Association sponsors the Catholic Café, a weekly, syndicated radio program and internet podcast that teaches the faith in an engaging and informative way to listeners throughout the world.


Each 30-minute show delivers Catholic truth in a conversational, non-confrontational style. Deacon Jeff Drzycimski and co-host Tom Dorian interview guests on a variety of topics while the deacon’s wife Bess Drzycimski offers a reflective and inspirational “great moment” from Church history.


The topics are on the one hand timely, and on the other, timeless. The Catholic Cafe addresses the issues that face our world today, the challenges that continue to confront the average person, all whjle drawing on the Church’s 2000 year history of unchanging truth. Whatever the subject, the Catholic Cafe not only discusses what T the Church teaches, but why the Church teaches it.


A sampling of topics include same-sex attraction, contraception, in-vitro fertilization, the death penalty, prison ministry, religious liberty, confession of sins to a priest, Christ’s real presence in the Eucharist, intercessory prayer to Mary, Purgatory, abortion, and redemptive suffering. These are issues of interest to the population at large and the Catholic Cafe adds both common sense and eternal truth to the discussion.


The Catholic Cafe attracts visitors from around the globe and during a recent 30-day period people from 77 different countries listened to the shows. Many well-known, world-recognized guests have been interviewed, including Fra’ Matthew Festing, Dr. Scott Hahn, Dr. Peter Kreeft, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Cardinal Francis George, Cardinal Justin Rigali, Bishop Robert Barron, Rev. Frank Pavone,Rev. Benedict Groeschell, Rev. Tad Pacholczyk, Rev. Andrew Apostoli, and Curtis Martin.


The Federal Association regions are invited to participate. If you would like to discuss using the Catholic Cafe as a defense of the faith project for your region, please contact Deacon Jeff at deaconjeff@thecatholiccafe.com. We are excited to share this opportunity with you and let you know how simple it is to arrange a broadcast in your area.