Last month the Montgomery County and DC regions were able to host the first event in almost two years at Navy Med/Walter Reed in Bethesda. It was Soldier Recovery Brigade Family Fun Day for Wounded Warriors, all other patients and their families. It was also an award ceremony for the cadre that supports the patients and their families.

They requested that we serve fried chicken, which was provided with a generous discount by Roy Rodgers and served by Pete Plamondon Jr., son of Pete Plamondon KM (deceased). Pete Sr and Jr. were kings of the BBQ grills for the annual July steak luncheon. We also served potato salad and macaroni salad discounted by Harris Teeter, and watermelon furnished Central Farm Markets, price also discounted.

There was food left over, which was delivered to the USO Warrior & Family Center at Fort Belvoir.

PHOTO: Pictured from left to right:
Gaby DeLeon KM, David DeSalle volunteer, Sue Lohsen DM, Linda Rasnake family coordinator, Carroll Carter Jr. volunteer, Cheryl Hipp candidate, Larry Demaree KM, Pete Plamondon volunteer, Diane Oakley DM, Debra Corrie candidate,  Bennett Solberg KM, Thatcher Hallock auxiliary and Karen Ashbrook volunteer and wonderful dulcimer player.