Annual Caroling in Northern Virginia

Outreach to the residents at the Cherrydale Health and Rehabilitation Center in Arlington, Virginia has been one of the oldest works in the Northern Virginia Region. For more than 20 years, members in the region have been serving at the facility on a monthly basis.  

One of the highlights of every service year occurs when members of the Order visit the home during Advent. In preparation for the Christmas season, the dames and knights visit the residents, bringing treats, songs of the season, and a festive Saint Nicholas (aka Santa Claus) himself—most recently in the person of Michael Gaffney, KM.   

Members who volunteered last month included past Hospitallers Carmen Egge, DM, and George Egge, KM, who have been leading these efforts for many years. Other members who volunteered their time and talents this Advent included John Durbin, KM; Matthew Lawlor, KM (DC Region); Rebecca Littig, DM; Rebecca Metro, DM; Elizabeth Scheuren, DM; Damian von Stauffenberg, KM; and Ted Zagrobelny, KM. Bob Braddock, son of Bertha Braddock, DM, has faithfully volunteered his musical talents, playing guitar as part of the entertainment.  

Cherrydale Health and Rehabilitation is a 180-bed facility that offers long-term care as well as short-term rehabilitation. Proximity of this facility to Saint Agnes Catholic Church (home parish of several local members) has made it a long-time favorite apostolate of the Northern Virginia Region.