Dr. Richard A. Feely, KM and Suzanne Nelson, DM (in formation), a retired physical therapist, traveled from Chicago/Milwaukee to Beirut, Lebanon October 31 to help the Lebanese Association of the Order of Malta at the Bhannes Center, M.I.C hospital for neurologically developmentally disabled children.


For the last four years Dr. Feely has traveled to Lebanon to help the Order administratively and professionally in evaluation and management of children with developmental disabilities. He also aided in diagnosis and treatment of patients and in teaching physical therapists techniques and procedures.


This year, Suzanne Nelson organized an open house fundraiser that allowed the Federal Association to send $57,000 for the benefit of the children at the Bhannes Center. The funds are being used to purchase mechanical and electric wheelchairs plus physical, speech and occupational therapy equipment to directly benefit the cerebral palsy children’s health and development.