The Jacksonville Region held its signature Anointing Mass on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes with more than 400 in attendance. Now, in its sixth year, the committee led by Jeff Edwards, MD, KM, has established a much anticipated healing event that serves our regional malades. Past hospitaller, Lou Walsh, KM, was the first chairman and developed the event offered to every parish in our region.

Priests from throughout the diocese, including our magistral chaplain, the Rev. John Tetlow, joined the Rev. Remek Blaskowski, pastor of San Jose Catholic Church, who was the main celebrant and who gave a stirring and thought-provoking account of Lourdes. 

Many malades and their companions arrived early to hear the music provided by the internationally acclaimed Jacksonville University Choir, who were accompanied by local musicians and Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra musicians as well. We were joined by several knights and dames from the American Association who participated.

If other regions are interested in beginning this special care for the sick and the poor, please contact either our hospitaller, Dr. John McKenzie, KM, or me Jane Lanier, DM. We would be happy to assist.

Dr. Jeff Edwards, KM walking with participant at Jacksonville's Anointing Mass on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes.