The 2021 grant application is available on the Members Only section of the Federal Association’s website and is quickly approaching the June 1 deadline for submission.

If the members of your region are actively involved in a local project, you are invited to submit a grant application, should financial support be necessary to expand or improve the work of the project. The local hospitaller's approval, via his or her signature, is necessary, along with detailed financial information about the project itself, in order to complete the application. Further details about how to complete the application process may be found on the application form.

Each year it is heartwarming to review the grant applications sponsored by our members. Each and every one of them is for a good and worthwhile cause. The Grants Committee’s job is to recommend for approval every application that meets our guidelines and for which we have funding available. We take our fiduciary responsibility to you and the board very seriously, but we also try in all cases to find a way to get to a yes.

Many in the Order of Malta are generous financial supporters of charitable organizations and serve on the boards of charitable organizations. While both of these ways of supporting an organization are necessary, it is important to remind confreres that the most common way an application fails to meet our guidelines is the misunderstanding that serving on the board of an organization meets the requirement for hands-on service with the applicant. As stated in the 2020 Annual Report: “. . . we give priority to grant applications from programs and ministries in which our members are deeply involved as volunteers directly serving the sick and the poor.”

This policy has a two-fold benefit. First, it strongly supports those local organizations that provide us with opportunities to fulfill our charism of serving the poor and sick. And second, it encourages our members to find ways to be hands on in ministries they care about so the organization or program may qualify for a significant grant.”

As the Grants Committee gears up to review applications and make recommendations to the Federal Association Board of Directors, please know that we take very seriously and prayerfully our role as stewards of your great generosity to the Annual Stewardship Appeal, which enables these grants to be made.

On behalf of the members of the Grants Committee, thank you for the joy and honor of cooperating with you to provide financial support to those local projects to which you give your time, talent, and treasure.