Lancaster Region Takes on New Service Project

In May, the Lancaster Region began a new service project by welcoming a refugee family to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Arriving from a camp in Tanzania, Dunia, Jeanete and their three children, Aci, Regina, and Saimon, were met by Malta members. Dunia and Jeanete are Catholics who fled Congo several years ago. Sponsored by Church World Services, a faith-based organization that welcomes refugees and immigrants to the United States, Dunia, Jeanete and their young family have been assisted in their transition by the Lancaster Region. Local Malta members furnished a home for the family by providing household items and clothing, and stocking the kitchen pantry. Region members also have provided transportation for the family to regular Mass, appointments, and recreational activities. Sharing local attractions with the family as well as the everyday events of life has afforded the opportunity for friendship and fellowship to grow. It is a most rewarding and gratifying mission, a true extension of the charisms of our Order in this time of refugee resettlement.