Syracuse Sends Care Packages During Pandemic

Noreen Falcone, Margaret Fitzgerald, Kathy Mezzalingua, and Sharon Cirincione with their grandkids.

Sharon and Jim Cirincione, hospitallers for the Syracuse Region, came up with an idea for the residents of Malta House who have not been able to enjoy our company for the past several months due to the Coronavirus. In the past, we would put on a monthly birthday party that would include a meal, camaraderie, music and fun. We have missed being with our friends and celebrating them.


Adapting to the circumstances, the Cirinciones suggested putting together care packages to bring to the residents, knowing that they may be in need of basic food items. Colorful fabric grocery bags were selected and filed with non-perishable items, including soup in a cup, pouches of tuna, broccoli Alfredo side dishes, crackers, cookies, candy, cereal cups, mac and cheese, fruit and applesauce cups, Ramen noodles, and personal items—50 in each bag. Everything was ordered online. As the items arrived at the Cirinciones' home they were unpacked and organized for bagging, filling their dining room. Members from the Skaneateles area, along with many of their grandchildren, gathered to pack the bags for the 50 residents of Malta House.


The bags were personally delivered to their doors. Most of the residents answered their doors and were thrilled to talk to someone, and so appreciative.